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1 Leftovers
Sketches akk together scramblled white.p


Leftovers is a personal project, it's a set of specialized kitchenware I Designed for food leftovers I liked as a kid.


(I was a bit of a nasty kid)

(Don't Judge)


2 Hymiar



An attempt in making jewelry out of materials from a Falafel stand.  This project is a homage to Shlomo Tzadok, who came in 1946 to Palestine from Yemen (Hymiar) as a Jweish jewel maker and opened up a Falafel stand that's open to this day.


The project was made with the help of Shlomo's son - Shay (who manages the Falafel stand today), for the Matchmaker program in Jerusalem's Design Week that was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.



Himyar by Ohad Kabri (Photo by Oded Antman)-09.jpg
3 nomadic
mokaps White Wide-01.png


My thesis project in Bezalel revolved around the needs of Urban Nomads, the millennial generation in Israel that will never have an apartment of their own and will always move around form place to place in the pursuit of work, education or a better place to live.

These three pieces of furniture are the result of my research. A closet, a work area and a way to host other nomads.



Bachelor's Degree

Thesis Project

4 leave a mark

leave a mark

A conceptual project about different imprints we collect through our life.

Time \ Body

City \ Shoe

Object \ Skin


5 sechular judaism
Secular Judaism cup.jpg

secular judaism

Judaism have a long and interesting history with secularism. Israel was supposed to be a secular yet Jewish state, but since it's foundation there is a clash between the two ideas and a struggle between the two groups of people holding those ideas.

This project is about that struggle, which is also my struggle, Jewish yet secular, these objects, like me, are somewhere in the middle.

Made with: Tomma Suki Hinrichsen



6 Political work

Political work

One of the best place for me to find inspiration is a newspaper, as a person who was for many years first and foremost a social and political activist, I find many design and art opportunities in politics and current affairs.

These projects are an eclectic body of work based on issues that are important to me, from the pandemic of gambling through the political corruption in Israel to the abundance of wars in this part of the world.

Favellas Night.jpg
7 art in the desert

art from the desert

My longest lasting relationship is the one with the inDnegev festival. It's an indie music festival with a big emphasis on physical art in any scale. the festival takes place every year in the southern, mostly desert, part of Israel called Negev and I've been working there since 2013, first as a plastic artist and since 2018 as the art director of all the physical art in the festival.

So every year, for one month I find myself in the middle of the desert, surrounded by creative, talented people and a lot of power tools and raw materials and I start building things in a very open and free way.

And a month later it's all gone.

8 illustrations & animations

illustrations & animations

An assortment of illustrations and animations from different times and places.

sunny side up

Suuny Side Up a speculative design for a better kind of solar water heaters that are also make good use of a vast currently unused real estate in any city - rooftops.

the basic idea is to treat the rooftops in a city for what they are - a huge waste of space where space is most valuable and scarce.

Sunny Side Up is a solar water heater that also make a rooftop into a garden making life in the city healthier and happier.

Sunny Side Up Won the "6X6 Award" by Bezalel Academy for Art and Design.



6X6 Winner

9 sunny side up
sketch White.png
10 Local Café

L o c a l C a f é

Local Café is looking for an original Israeli
coffee ritual, not Italien, not Arabic - Israeli.
It takes inspiration from the Kibbutz and the
Zionist Ideology of working the land and
growing cattle.
And also, obviously, a pinch of humor.


incubator logoW.png
coffee eggshell.jpg

Image Credit: Grzegorz Karkoszka

DSC_4341 (C) Grzegorz Karkoszka.jpg

Ohad Kabri

Designer, Artist

Age:   32

Current Residency:   Jerusalem, Israel

Education, Degrees & Awards

  • The America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship for finest artists



2018 - 2019

  • Teaching Assistant in Bezalel Academy

  • Exhibited at “Fresh Paint” - the biggest design exhibition in Israel (as part of Bezalel's Incubator program)

  • Art Director of the theater play "The Shechter’s Son" in Bet Mazia Theater

2018 - Present

  • Founding member of "HAMIFFAL" project in Jerusalem.
    HAMIFFAL is a center for independent music and art in Jerusalem, the 8th project by the "Bait Rek" group.

2015 - 2018


11 CV
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