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Age: 31

Current Residency: Jerusalem, Israel

Education, Degrees and Awards:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Design from Bezalel Academy (B.Des)

  • Chosen for Excellency in the 6X6 program in Bezalel for the project “sunroof”

  • The America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship for finest artists

  • Graduated from the “Exercising Modernity” program by the “Pilecki Institute” in Poland



  • Part of the “Exercising Modernity” Research Program at the Pilecki Institute in Warsaw, Tel Aviv  and Berlin.

  • Exercising Modernity Website

2018 - 2019:

  • Part of the “Bezalel Incubator” Program for in Bezalel Academy.

  • Teaching Assistant in Bezalel Academy.

  • Exhibited at “Fresh Paint” - the biggest design exhibition in Israel.

2018 – present:

  • Art Director of the theatre play "The Shechter’s Son" in Beit Mazia Theatre  – in production.

  • Art Director of inDnegev Festival for independent music in the Negev

  • inDnegev website

2016 – 2018:

  • One of the founders of "HAMIFFAL" project in Jerusalem.

  • HAMIFFAL is a center for independent music and art in Jerusalem, the 8th project by "Bait Rek" group.

  • HAMIFFAL website

2015 – 2018:


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