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Specialized kitchenware for food leftovers I liked as a kid

(I was a bit of a nasty kid)

(Don't judge)

Leftovers is a personal project for me, it's a set of specialized kitchenware I designed for food leftovers I liked as a kid.

Food has always played a big roll in my life, as a fat kid it was a source of comfort for me, but also of shame.


These on-off pieces were designed with humor, nostalgia and a lot of empathy to the kid I once was. The idea was to try and remember how that kid thought, what was important to him and how he would have solve these design problems.

But these pieces also act as a kind of therapy, a way to reconnect to myself from before when society taught me how very important it is to be skinny.



Ready-Made, Wood, Steel, Latex, Nylon

Photos: Oded Antman


The Chocolate left in the bowl after a cake was made

Bowl Sketches white.png
pineapple sketches white.png

The sugar water left in a pineapple can after the pineapple is gone

Salad Bowl.jpg

The sauce that's left after the salad is gone

(Best served with bread)

salad Sketches white.png
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