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Depending on where in the world you live, solar water heaters might be all around you. They are a great, elegant way of saving energy and cut back on pollution, they saved Israel from an energy crisis in the 70's.

But they also have an "Achilles heal" - they're ugly and take a lot of space. In Israel it is required by law to install a solar water heater on every new building since the 80's, everywhere you look you'll find a jungles of heaters.

Sunny Side Up is a project made to fix this problem once and for all. instead of losing the most valuable resource in the city - space - to water heaters, we can use it as a garden, something to enrich living in a city, without losing the benefits of the heaters.

This conceptual project won the 6X6 first prize in the 'sustainability' category.



6X6 Winner

"A Jungle of Water Heaters"

sketch wide.png
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